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My Earnings Insurance

Can my client apply for My Earnings Insurance?

Your client can apply for My Earnings Insurance if....

They are over 18 and have not yet had their 55th Birthday.
They live in the UK.
They are currently registered with a UK Doctor.
They have been registered with a UK Doctor for the last five years.
They are actively working and not employed on a zero hours contract.
They are employed or self-employed earning at least £6,400 per year and working 16 hours or more per week.
Their earnings are taxable in the UK.
They are not awaiting any medical tests or investigations or the result of these. 
They do not work outside of the UK for more than eight weeks in a calendar year.

Download the MEI Key Facts Document and Application Form.

Friendly Voice

Another reason to recommend Cirencester Friendly to your clients

All new and existing Members and their spouses will have access to Friendly Voice an independent Personal Nurse Adviser service provided by RedArc. 

Friendly Voice is a free and confidential service that offers your client practical help and emotional support when they need it most. 

Find out more

Own Occupation Cover Cover based on
Own Occupation
Cover 65% of earnings

Insure up to 65% 
of gross earnings

Guaranteed Premiums Guaranteed
Premium Rates
Day One Severe Injury Cover Severe Injury Cover

No premium loadings for:

  • Occupation
  • Smokers
  • Hazardous Pursuits

MEI is the product that says 'yes' to more of your clients.

Cover up to 65% of your clients earnings.  

MEI can cover earnings of up to £65,600 per year.

  • Maximum Benefit £42,640
  • Minimum Benefit £4,160

Choose from Level or Annual Escalating premium rates.

MEI allows your client to select the best premium option for their circumstances. Our premiums are guaranteed from start to finish so they will always know how much they are paying.

For a small additional premium you can add Day One Severe Injury Cover to any deferred contract.

MEI allows your client to have a longer deferred period for sickness but cover from Day One should they suffer an accident covered under this option.