IA Enhanced

My Extra Benefits: Security, protection, peace of mind

For a small additional premium both new and existing Members of the Society will have the option of applying for the following extra benefits;

  • Fracture & Hospitalisation Benefit
  • Working Life Death Benefit

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‘When it comes to finance are you optimistic or idealistic?’

Key highlights from our latest consumer survey



Friendly Voice

Another reason to recommend Cirencester Friendly to your clients

All new and existing Members and their spouses will have access to Friendly Voice an independent Personal Nurse Adviser service provided by RedArc. 

Friendly Voice is a free and confidential service that offers your client practical help and emotional support when they need it most. 

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Financial Adviser Satisfaction Feedback Survey

In order for us to continue to improve our service and our relationship with you we would really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to fill out our quick Feedback Survey.

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