About us

Cirencester Friendly has provided Income Protection for the UK’s workers for over 125 years. We are proud of our Member-owned, ‘friendly’ or ‘mutual’ status, which aligns the interests of the business and those who own it; our Members.

Committed to providing the highest quality income protection, we have won many industry awards including Best Income Protection Provider, Service Beyond the Call of Duty and Above and Beyond. Our aim is to continue to innovate whilst staying true to our roots and our three supporting pillars:

  • To be sustainable and profitable, building capital for a stronger future
  • To be great to do business with
  • To be where people want to work and grow

Our Mission, Vision and Values.

Our Mission

To give Members flexible financial protection and to be there when they need us most.

Our Vision

To be the go-to provider for health related insurance products.

Our Values

‘Mutual’ means we’re here for you

Like every good business, we want to be there for you. This means paying claims and giving you a high standard of service. You enjoy peace of mind, knowing we will provide a regular benefit payment if you become ill or suffer an injury that keeps you out of work and unable to earn a living.

We publish our claims statistics every year, and explain why claims were and were not paid so you can be confident that your claim will be dealt with fairly and professionally. View our latest claims statistics here.

We manage the Society effectively to ensure we stay in business for your benefit – and give you the option to share in our surpluses*.

*The ability to share in the Society's surpluses is optional and affects your premium. If you are not currently a Member with protection that includes the ability to accumulate a capital sum – you can opt in. Talk to your Financial Adviser about this or contact our Customer Care team. If you don’t have an Financial Adviser, try www.unbiased.co.uk